Kitchen Remodeling in 2017

Beautiful Kitchen CountertopsAre you considering having your kitchen remodeled in 2017? A beautifully remodeled kitchen can make all the difference when it comes to impressing guests.

In fact, a lot of people utilize marble or stone within their kitchen in order to provide a unique and warm experience for visitors.

There are however, some things you want to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen.


Coving is a kind of moulding typically used to adorn the juncture between ceilings and walls. Depending on the experience of the contractor installing your new kitchen, certain moulding’s such as Coving may be an easy or difficult task.

Types of Coving include: high-end wood and plaster mouldings, which require a significant amount of setup and expertise, and polyurethane choices that resemble their timber and plaster counterparts but offer ease of installation.

Substances used to produce Coving include solid wood, plaster, polyurethane, or reformed wood. It’s particularly vital that you consider which types of materials are fit for the remodel when purchasing any moulding. Consulting a professional contractor will help you make the best choice.

Wood and plaster are the conventional materials for moulding, but with advances in technology, plastic and polyurethane are also proving to be outstanding alternatives. Beyond this, it is important to think about factors such as staining, painting, and priming. While polyurethane is not the best choice for wood mouldings that are stained, they can be used for most other jobs. Moreover, it’s possible to produce faux finishes that resemble wood.

Polyurethane mouldings offer ease of installation, among other advantages.

Polyurethane moulding has come a long from way from its inception. Now it has the look of plaster along with the feel of wood, but unlike plaster and wood, polyurethane cuts simply and cleanly with the aid of a miter box and saw.

Cross sections show a smooth finish when using polyurethane, ensuring that molding fitted in the border of a wall appears attractive and neat. Polyurethane mouldings also possess the advantage of being significantly lighter in weight than plaster and wood; making it much easier to install and work with at awkward angles.

quartz and stone kitchen remodel

Low Maintenance Counter-Top Materials

Today’s kitchens employ a lot of different materials for counter-tops and shelving. Currently, different rock materials are making a huge mark in the kitchen remodeling world. For instance, quartz countertops seattle kitchens use a lot in combination with stainless steel, which works well for countertops and appliances alike. You’ll find that granite counters and ceramic back-splashes provide surfaces that may be quickly wiped clean, making them a wonderful addition. You may even have custom concrete countertops made for new kitchens that provide dependable strength and a beautiful appearance. Inlaid and colored with any number of cosmetic materials, poured concrete is a great addition to a kitchen island, breakfast bar or homework surface.

Fabulous Flooring Styles

There are many different styles and materials to choose from when installing new flooring in your kitchen. From engineered hardwood to laminate, traditional vinyl, and even cork flooring, there is a wide assortment of top quality products that blend in well with a modern look.

You can find more eco-friendly alternatives as well, to decrease the negative effects your kitchen renovation has on the environment. You can discover window treatments and cupboards, in addition to bamboo flooring, fabrics, and even foam.

Utilizing similar materials throughout your kitchen that compliment each other is the best route to take. Now that you know how to compliment each component of your kitchen with the different materials listed in this article, we hope you will find the below remodeling video useful.