What Is the Best Mop for Your Floors?

Let’s face it, at some point; you’re going to have to mop those floors. The question is this: what type of mop do you need? There are many kinds for sale out there, but they all fall under just a few classes. The purpose of this article is to help you decide what kind is best for your floors. Let’s get started.

What Kinds of Mops Are on the Market?

Mops to Get Clean Dirt and GrimeSponge mops are exactly what they sound like; spongy heads that typically have a wringer attached. They can have removable heads that enable easy rinsing and replacement, whenever necessary. Sponge mops are terrific for washing tile and other uneven flooring, though you need to maintain and care for it correctly so that you don’t end up spreading bacteria with each use. Rinse the mop entirely when you’re done, then sit it upright somewhere it can dry. When the sponge begins to smell, become discolored or break apart, it’s best to replace the head.

Flat mops are one of the most used mops on the market. They have a flat head, usually with either a reusable attachable pad. This mop is perfect for washing on a daily basis. They’re quite easy to operate, and there is very little effort involved in setting them up. Flat mops are ideal for cleaning corners but can have a tough time scrubbing things stuck to the floor without treatment beforehand. They are also easy to store and are relatively cheap.

String mops are probably what come to mind when you think of the word “mop.” The strings are made of cotton, making them super absorbent. They can get into corners easily, but it can be harder to wring them out and preserve. They have a tendency to fall apart quickly
and can be tedious to wash and dry. String mops do their job well, though, and are incredibly cheap more often than not.

Strip mops are synthetic head wet mops, typically made into strips with a wringer built-in. These mops often aren’t as absorbent as others or have the ability to scrub as well, but they are usually easier to maintain. They do an excellent job washing floors and sometimes have more scrubbing strength than flat mops. Strip mop heads dry very quickly, making it harder for them to develop an odor.

Steam mops run on electricity and have a refillable tank of water. It heats the water until it turns to steam, which is then released by a trigger somewhere on the mop’s body. The steam sprays onto the floor, cleaning and disinfecting at the same time, through a reusable pad. A bissell steam mop is what I use and have had a lot of success with. Although, they typically cost much more money than other traditional mops, andThe Best Mop for Messes aren’t recommend for certain types of floors.

Dust mops may be used to clean floors, ceilings, walls and light fixtures. Normally, dust mops have a long handle that grants you access to otherwise hard to reach places. Dust mops are created from a wide assortment of materials, such as microfiber, lambswool, and synthetics. They aren’t usually meant to be used wet because their intended purpose is for dusting. The heads can be disposable or reusable; be sure to wash and dry them separate from other laundry.

In conclusion, I hope this article has given you some insight into what type of mop is best for you. Happy mopping!