Top SEO Tools and Plugins That Can Improve Your Site’s SEO

Search engines are the major cause of traffic on most websites. That is why site owner uses SEO tools and plugins to reduce this traffic.

9 Best WordPress SEO Tools and Plugins

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast’s WordPress SEO in on the list of the downloaded WordPress Plugin. It is a comprehensive solution to your every onsite SEO needs. It allows you to add an SEO title, met keywords, and met description to your every post and page on your site. With the WordPress SEO by Yoast, you can write a custom title for your main sites, tag, archives, and category pages. It also allows you to add ping search engines, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, and Open Graph metadata when updating your website.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is what the Pro use in gathering analytics and insights from their other competitor’s to help them enhance their own SEO. You can learn a lot in SEMrush such as places to get backlinks, insights about the advertising strategies of your competitors, among the others. SEMrush is a paid subscription that provides you a wide range of data and is used by many SEO professionals around the globe.

3. Google Keyword Planner

This tool is offered by Google to its advertisers for free. IT shows advertisers the keywords that they can bid on to use for their ad campaigns. Google Keyword Planner can hep advertisers choose the appropriate keywords by presenting them an estimation of the number of results, search volumes, and the level of difficulty.


This is one of the best keyword research tools that is available today. You can generate keywords ideas by simply typing in a keyword. These keyword suggestions are from the auto suggest feature of Google. It suggests keywords based on hoe often this keyword is used in searches. This means that the top results are the most frequently searched terms in Google. It also helps you get keyword suggestions from the App Store, Bing, and YouTube. is a fast and complete tool that you can use to optimize the contents of your WordPress page.

5. Open Site Explorer

This free tool allows checking of data for any domain name. You can see the linkages of domains and the anchor texts they use. It also offers a pool of information such as linking domains, top pages, and much more.Open Site Explorer is a free online

Open Site Explorer is a free online tool, but each user has a limited daily search. You can also get a paid subscription for an unlimited search.

6. LinkPatrol

It is a premium plugin for WordPress where you can control all the links in your site. It allows you to monitor outgoing links in your website, and so much more. LinkPatrol gives you a quicker and more efficient way in cleaning up your link juice problems, spammy links, and anchor text with their fast and intuitive
user interface.

7. Broken Link Checker

This is a highly useful and free WordPress plugin that helps you find broken links on your WordPress site, so you can fix them without the need to edit your posts. However, it can then become resource intensive, slowing down your server.

8. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

This tool allows you to add a nofollow attribute to the external links of your website so you won’t have to give some of your website’s authority to those links. Rel NoFollow is a WordPress plugin that has a checkbox in the popup insert link of your WordPress post editor. This helps you easily make the external links nofollow.

9. SEOquake

SEOquake is available as a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome. The information parameters of this tools include page rank, Alexa rank, last updated, and other parameters. SEOquake is one of the most downloaded browser add-on today by SEO professionals.


Reduce traffic and improve your WordPress site with the best SEO Tools and Plugins available. Improving this one comes a more successful business.