What Are the Best Types of Scheduling Software?

Time management with scheduling software

After looking over some of the most popular online appointment booking systems, we have found there to be several different contenders, but we like the simplicity of Simplify-this.

If you already are using an interface to manage all of your appointments and scheduling needs, then you most likely know that they are not all made equal. Some of these interfaces will require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

When using one of these systems you expect them to function properly without lagging or loading errors, but this is not always the case. Many of these online interfaces will have issues with maintaining the system, and too many commands being sent to the program can cause it to freeze and even shut down. Then you would be in big trouble, with no way to fix it since a lot of online services have poor customer service.

Support Service

Since many of other online interfaces have poor customer support panels, it is nice to find an online scheduling service like SimplifyThis, that has excellent customer service. Their support team can be contacted through email and will typically return your message within about 24 hours. If you are unable to wait that long, they also use a phone-based customer support line.

Even if your computer has become frozen or you can’t reach their website for some reason, you can still contact their support team with questions and concerns.
Another great option would be to look at the many social sites they can be located on, and use the information and comments that others had shared to help you figure out your problem.

Important Software Features

Employees scheduling done rightSimplifyThis also has an abundance of additional features you can choose from to help your business in ways you never thought possible. You can do so many things like managing projects for individual customers, managing tax preparation meetings, and managing your employee’s schedules You can also sell items easily directly from their interface to the clients who need it.

Customer follow-ups can help ensure that your clients won’t miss their appointments, but nowadays with everyone screening their calls, most people won’t answer their phone unless they immediately recognize the number.

This means that most clients won’t receive follow-up calls and will forget about appointments they have scheduled. With these follow-up reminders, the easiest way to get a hold of someone would be to send them notifications. Messages that can be sent directly to their phone, statistically, have a much higher chance of being seen.

Billing For Software

Like any service you sign up for, at the end of the month, you receive your final bill. Some places are very specific about the types of payment methods they will accept.

With SimplyThis, you will find that the payment portal is super easy to use and offers multiple different payment types and almost every credit card company out there. They even use PayPal and X-Charge, so you won’t have to worry if they will support your customer’s payment methods. You can even send out an invoice to your clients.

SimplyThis is an amazing tool for any business owner and if you haven’t looked into it yet, you should.