7 Completely Free Tools that will enable your Business to Grow

Starting a business, any business, is hard as there are many aspects of business development that you need to address to. Being an entrepreneur requires constant learning and investing not only in the work that you do but also in the tools and methods that you use to make that business grow. In order to make sure that you are growing as well as that you are constantly improving your knowledge of your surroundings, you need to stick your ears out, listen and learn how to pick up every information that is useful and disregard the useless ones. Since you’re here, it’s safe to say that you’re more than skilled at seeking useful information. As a reward here is a list of most useful tools to make your business grow.

Hub Spot CRM

Finding the right customer relationship manager program is imperative for the future of your business. But finding a good one is no easy task, at least when your standards for an efficient software are as high as ours. This useful tool keeps track of every business interaction you’ve made, and performing without it is impossible by our count.

Google Keyword Planner

Being that you’re here you probably know the importance of SEO and how important is its role in business development. If you are trying to increase traffic on your website the best approach to this problem that you can make is to use Google Keyword Planner.  Find the most frequently used keywords with ease using this amazing tool.


What this program does is that allows entrepreneurs to simplify their business processes and give a sense of the well-organized system. There will be a lot of smaller projects on your mind and to keep track of them all make sure that you check this software and see how it works out for you.


Who has time for answering every single question as accurate as the previous one on your website? No one, this is why simple answering software embedded in the structure of it. Growbot is the perfect tool for your addition to FAQ section. No extra hours, no additional responsibilities and most importantly zero amount money wasted on hiring additional staff.


There is no greater power than the power of the visuals in advertising. To make your business grow fast, you need to learn how to rely on tools make the process of creating visuals easier. This is why you shouldn’t miss out on Canva, or if you’re already using it here is another reason to keep using it as it is the best software of this sort out there.


Grasshopper is a great way to organize your online phone system, add groups, manage your numbers, record greetings and do much more. All of this regarding making your business a more accessible one.


Just as the name suggest, Evernote is the best way to keep track of those randomly generated ideas with a short life span. If this short life span of an idea is determined by your memory, this software will help you keep them on life support until you need to use them and rejuvenate them. It’s a great way to scribble down your brainstormed or other ideas.